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We are constantly looking for incredible partners with a keen eye for quality products. We want partners with whom we can establish a long lasting work relationship. We are look for partners that are very active in the makeup community. We want partners who are eloquently versed in all things beauty. The perfect affiliate has a strong social media following and possesses an entity on all the major social media platforms. The perfect affiliate is socially and consciously concerned with the context and quality of her or his content. She or he will be meticulous about her or his work. She or he will care about her or his social media imprint. We want partners that care and have a vested interest in increasing their audiences’ product awareness. The ideal partners constantly make it their objectives to inform their audiences on the latest makeup products must-haves and trends. We want partners that are professional and kind.

At Lena Lashes when we think of an affiliate, we think of a real brand partner. We want partners that care about the Lena Lashes brand. We want someone that will be completely devoted to loving our company and helping Lena Lashes reach more customers. Our goal is to have everyone in the world, …well everyone that can wear our lashes wear our lashes. And there is no better way for us to achieve this goal than to partner with people with exceptional talent, incredible merit, sound proof integrity, a deep love for others, and most importantly people who are obsessed with beauty and who are eloquent with all things beauty through their blogs, videos and pictures.

We are constantly looking for the next partner.

We invite you to complete our affiliate application. We take this application very seriously and we invite you to do the same. Carefully, review the content of your application for any spelling, grammatical or context error.

After you fill up an application, we will carefully review its content.  After looking at what you have to offer, we will contact you, if your brand is a perfect match for Lena Lashes.

We cannot wait to turn into a one of kind Lena Lashes’ Evangelist.

If you have more questions, please e-mail us at icon-email.png [email protected]



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