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About Us


We love lashes. We…love…lashes. We just cannot get enough of pretty lashes. Whether you are shopping for mink lashes or synthetic lashes, we have them. We work very hard to provide you, the client, with the most divine collection of fluttery lashes, spiky lashes, full lashes, and gorgeous lashes. You dream it. You think it. You want it. You want to wear it. We have it.

Our mission is to make sure that we redefine the way our customers think of a false pair of eyelashes. What exactly are luxury eyelashes? After all, everybody has lashes. We have them on our lids. So why should a client invest money in quality lashes? Well, it’s very simple. Eyelashes complete the makeup look. An ugly pair of eyelashes can drastically render null and void even the most perfect makeup application. But the perfect pair of false lashes is the magical final touch that unifies your entire makeup look.

Lena Lashes has realized that the perfect pair lashes is the showpiece of any makeup application. The perfect pair of lashes unifies the makeup look the same way the perfect pair of shoes brings an entire outfit together. And we want our clients and future clients to understand this. The way a woman passionately feels about her heels is the same way we want her to feel about our lashes. Metaphorically, the perfect pair of lashes is the perfect pair of heels for your lids. But it’s not just about length. It’s also about flutter-ness, quality, thickness, the texture, the shine, and the low-shine of the strands of the lashes. And that is what Lena Lashes is about. We want to make sure that every client has the perfect pair of lashes for her eyelids, her makeup look, and for her confidence. And it is in pursuit of that goal that Lena Lashes has invested heavily into research to make sure we have the most beautiful, natural and exquisite fibers to construct some of the world’s most beautiful lashes ever seen.

Because our lashes are so beautiful, we anticipate that our clients will wear our lashes for an extensive period of time during the day. So we wanted to construct lashes with very comfortable bands. We believe in fullness and style but at the same time we do not believe in compromising style for comfort. Hence, our lash bands are made out of cotton. Cotton bands are very light, subtle, natural and they blend in very well with the human lash line. Also cotton bands are very comfortable worn on the human lash line.

We also wanted to make to process of buying luxury lashes fun and exciting. Let’s be honest, most women know where they can buy false lashes. But those common places such as drug stores offer no excitement and no engagement. There is nothing whimsical about your interaction with lashes. And this is a need we address with our lash collections. We hand-design and create all of our beautiful lash packaging. We want you to be filled with this child-like joy when you receive your package and interact with our lashes. Lena Lashes is all about beautiful things and beautiful packaging.  We love beautiful packaging.

And we have been blessed that the support of our clientele as filled us with enough confidence to expand our expertise to different segments of beauty. The brand is expanding into lip products, eye products and more. We marvel at this notion of providing our clients with exceptional products that will be divinely inspired and packaged with an overdose of creativity genius.

Now sometimes, we have a lot of fun or maybe too much fun with our products and creativity; but hey, that’s what Lena Lashes is about.  

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